The Tooter The Student News Site of Omaha South High Magnet School Mon, 29 Nov 2021 17:11:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Expression through fashion during the pandemic Mon, 29 Nov 2021 17:10:31 +0000 Ruth Rauda’s quarantine at the start of the pandemic looked a lot like most students: sitting at home, wearing the same sweatpants, and communicating with friends, classmates and teachers through a screen. But the isolation gave the South High junior inspiration. 

“During the pandemic I spent a lot of time inside, giving me, my own privacy and I used it to find more style, taking inspiration from TikTok, Pinterest etc.,” said Rauda. 

Covid-19 has affected everything in our daily lives, including the way we dress since many of us have spent our time at home, especially last year while we were quarantined at home. Most of that time was also spent on social media which has also influenced us in the way we dress. 

 Social media is making fashion trends more expandable and accessible to more people, it’s easier for people to find their individual style and express themselves how they want. 

“I think social media inspired me a lot because I saw people freely express themselves, I would watch styling videos and when we started to come back to school, I would start to wear things that I thought looked good together,” said Rauda. 

Because of the lockdown a lot of people had lost their jobs and had to rely on different ways of shopping such as thrifting. Thrifting has become more popular because of both the pandemic and social media, therefore more people shop this way now including John-Paul Gurnett, ESL teacher at South. 

“I like to go thrift store shopping I go to New Life Thrift, I like the Salvation Army, I also have a lot of friends who have their own vintage shops, so I’m always trading and borrowing clothes from people,” said Gurnett.  

Many people started to make their own clothes or jewelry since people needed a job during quarantine or others see it just as a hobby. Rauda spends their time making their own jewelry and has an Instagram (@thefrogandfaires) that only sells locally as for now. 

“I don’t find a lot of jewelry at stores that I like, and I also like to have something that’s special to me and know that I’ve made something other people like,” said Rauda. “It’s fashion too, an outfit can look completely different with a necklace or like earrings, I just feel like an outfit without jewelry isn’t complete.”

Gurnett also has his own art brand as well as his friends that are fellow artists involved with the same business. 

 “I designed T-shirts that I’ve designed for my art brand, I just don’t wear them for school,” said Gurnett. 

Having a different style than others can be hard, for example dealing with stares, criticism, bullying, dress code and more. 

“I’ve always been someone who dresses the way that he wants or acts the way that he wants, I learned to accept it, because if you’re going to be someone who like to dress different or be your yourself, you have to be used to people looking,” said Gurnett.  

Even with all the help on social media and with friends and family there is still people struggling with their individual style.  

“Find clothes that fit your body, because once your clothes fit your body, then you’ll be more confident and you’ll start doing other things, like trying other different styles and fashions,” said Gurnett. 

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Squid Game – Spoiler Review Wed, 10 Nov 2021 19:37:00 +0000 Since its premier date, which was September 17th of this year, one of Netflix’s original series ‘Squid Game’ quickly received a great amount of fame as every day went by but as much love as it was getting, there were also a couple of issue highlighted by fans. 

The story sets its start with main character Seong Gi-hun who is lazy enough to be living off his old mother’s small income while continuously disappointing his only daughter who was taken away after his divorce. 

 He is already in lots of debt but after playing a children’s game with a man he just met at a subway station for a chance of winning 10,000 won, he is in much more debt than he started with. 

 After various rounds of the game Gi-hun finally wins one and then is given his promised money alongside a card with a shape pattern and phone number.  

 It is later figured out that all the people who agreed to play the simple children’s game are taken to a unknown location where they encounter each other in the same looking suits with numbers.  

 Not long after, masked men wearing bright red suits walk into the room in which they explain the purpose of them all being there. It is explained to the players that they are expected to play six games and succeed in all to win the money that was collected from all of them. 

 Gi-hun along with the other players were reminded by the men in masks that they are all under a great amount of debt and surviving these games could quickly become their only option at life. 

 The main character, Gi-hun, meets lots of people at the undetected location but he never thought of finding is childhood friend Cho Sang-woo since he was known to be on another path but was revealed the truth behind him. 

 The first game the contestants were told to play was ‘Red light, Green light’ which consisted of them advancing when the doll said the light turned green and coming to a stop when the light was said to become red. 

 ‘Red light, Green light’ brought an immense panic over the players that at the end of the game it was revealed that nearly half of the players were already eliminated. 

 After the first game was over, the contestants all had a vote about if the should continue playing the game for the money prize or vote for it to end and the majority voted for it to end. Therefore, they were drugged once and thrown out into the real world. 

 A few days go by and many contestants realize their real world problems actually need the money and decide to go back into the game for a second time and during this time detective Hwang Jun-ho successfully infiltrated the setting in search of his brother. 

 The second game consisted of them to play with sugar honeycombs and carve out whatever shape they chose without causing any damage to the comb. 

 Before the second game began Kang Sae-byeok, one of the young contestants who is trying to win to bring her family back together, was able to find out a hint about the game and that helped Sang-woo figure it out. 

 The third game was Tug-of-War and although Gi-hun’s team wasn’t the strongest they still managed to win thanks to the advice Oh Il-nam gave and from smart choices by Sang-woo. 

 Before the fourth game began the masked men told the contestants to find a partner which made them assume they would be playing alongside them but ended up playing against each other.  

 “Episode six was an emotional episode with a cruel game. We get to see what brings the best and the worst of each character and see how how they truly are,” Paola Oviedo, fan of the show said. 

 Most of the characters had formed a friendship or already has one with the partner they had chosen so the news came to all of them as a surprise. 

 Gi-hun teamed up with Il-nam who he had grown fond of and Sang-woo joined Ali Abdul, one of the contestants who wanted to win for the sake of his family’s safety, because he thought their brains and physical strength could help them win.  

 Another friendship that was quickly highlighted and that shook the fan base was the one between Sae-yeok and Ji-yeong.  

 “Sae-byeok opens up about her past to Ji-yeong. Then Ji-yeong sacrifices herself for Sae-byeok which shows that she is willing to sacrifice herself for someone else considering she doesn’t have nothing she wants to live for,” Oviedo said.  

 Before finding out the truth about the game Ji-yeong promised to do whatever it took for Sae-yeok to win. Those friendships that had been built throughout that shared experience were destroyed by that same game. 

 “Sang-woo shows us how unloyal and untrustworthy he can be. He betrays his friends for money when they are all trying to work together,” Esmeralda Alcala, fan of the series, said. 

 The fifth game allowed them to chose a number vest and that ended up determining who would start the next game but they didn’t know that when choosing.  

 They played a game and like any other the survivors had already played it risked their lives. The purpose of the game was to guess which glass step in front of them was the correct one and if they were to chose the incorrect one they would fall to their deaths. 

 This game included lots of sabotaging but after the blood bash the remaining players were Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Sae-byoek. Right after getting to the end they were surprised by a wind of glass which caused an injury to Sae-byeok’s abdomen. 

 After a three person dinner prepared by the masked men, the three survivors were left alone in the starter room but they were all afraid of each other after seeing what each one of them was capable of. 

 Towards the end, one of the lasting players was murdered and the two standing fought for the final prize. Gi-hun was the winner but once he made it out he realized everything he had been fighting for wasn’t worth it because it had been long destroyed. 

 Squid Game attracted lots of attention the day it came out which lead to people all over the globe watching and over analyzing the entire show. 

 There was a tweet of a fan that speaks fluent Korean that spoke out about the translations in English not begin accurate. This can make it difficult for those trying to learn a new language. 

 “Not to sound snobby but i’m fluent in Korean and I watched Squid Game with English subtitles and if you don’t understand Korean you didn’t really watch the same show. Translation was so bad. The dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved,” Youngmi Mayer (@ymmayer) user shared on Twitter. 

 Although most of the time Netflix’s subtitles are automatically generated it can be an inconvenience for people that are hard if hearing. Other than that Squid Game was a success that many will continue to enjoy as long as it’s on Netflix.  

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Photo Gallery: A Nightmare on L Street Tue, 02 Nov 2021 18:16:36 +0000 See image gallery at] ]]> 0 Little acts of kindness in sports Wed, 27 Oct 2021 12:53:39 +0000 Little acts of kindness are something that can make someone’s day or something that keeps them going when they feel like giving up. There are many videos on the internet of people showing kindness to each other and, like a boomerang, it comes back to them.  

 People are sometimes just compelled to commit these acts of kindness. An 8th grader at Marrs Middle School, named Tae Gott, was compelled by his friends and good sportsmanship to pat Mercier Cerasoli, a 7th grader at Lewis and Clark, on the back and keep him going during a Cross Country Race. 

 “At the halfway mark he walked, and he seemed really out of it, I patted him on the back and told him ‘Keep going, just keep pushing,’”  said Gott. 

 At the same race, two 7th graders from Buffet Middle school, Vanessa Flores and Karsen Carmichael, saw a boy in need and decided to help him. Rowan Hill, Buffet Middle School 8th grader, got lost during a race where you had to run to the end, turn around, and run back the same way.  

 Rowan saw the runner in first place, Eli Murillo an 8th grader at Marrs Middle School, and thought he was going the wrong way, so he turned around. Vanessa Flores and Karsen Carmichael, saw him running back after he was told he went the wrong way.  

 Vanessa said, “He just looked sad and like he didn’t want to do it anymore, so we just went up there and encouraged him to keep on running.”  

 Until 2021, the National High School Federation cross country rules stated that if one runner aided another, both were disqualified. This year Rules 4-6-5g and 8-6-1e were changed so that the Good Samaritan would not be disqualified. 

 At the A-2 District meet at Pioneers Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, Omaha Burke Sophomore Blake Cerveny fell about four times before he was helped up by Brandon Schutt. It took Brandon a few tries to get Blake on his feet. Even when Blake told Brandon to leave him Brandon didn’t give up. 

 They jogged 75 meters to the finish line, Brandon’s left arm around Blake’s back while Brandon’s right hand was across Blake’s chest so that Blake wouldn’t fall forward.  

 Brandon was told to drop him, so he did but by the time he looked back, Blake was surrounded by adults. Brandon had never looked at Blake’s face so he no idea who he had helped. 

 Brandon knew about the old rule; however, he didn’t know it had been changed. If he got disqualified in his final high school race, he was fine with that.  

 Blake was disqualified a few minutes after he finished. However, due to a screen shot of the times, it was found that Blake finished in 19:14.40. Brandon’s time was 19:14.49. Even at the finish line, Brandon put Blake first.  

 It may be difficult to perform one of these kindness acts in front of people. No one is perfect but when people have integrity it can cause more of these little acts of kindness. 

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Photo Gallery: Varsity Football vs. Omaha Central Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:36:17 +0000 See image gallery at] ]]> 0 Humans of South: Security Guard, Johan Centeno Tue, 12 Oct 2021 16:36:05 +0000 This year South welcomed Johan Centeno as a new security guard. Centeno is a South alum and he mentioned how great it feels to be back in the building with all the diversity and culture. His favorite part of south is “meeting new students and being able to build relationship with them.”

On his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and video games,  his current go to game being Call of Duty Ware Zone.

Johan said his goal for this year is “to learn everyone’s name, even though it may be unobtainable my goal is to learn as many names as possible.” Centeno is hard-working, dependable, always has time for his family, and is a great role-model.

Johan had worked at the South Omaha Boys and girls club and after meeting and getting to know all of the kids he wanted to continue being in the kid’s lives. He then applied for South High and luckily landed the job. He now does his best to continue to grow previous bonds and start new ones with students by talking to them and keeping them out of trouble.

What makes Johan happy is simply making others happy and “being there for those in need whether they’re having a bad day or have something on their mind, I love talking,” Centeno said.

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Past and recent sexual allegations against UNL being brought to light Tue, 28 Sep 2021 17:54:04 +0000 On Tuesday, August 23rd a young freshman was sexually assaulted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, also referred to as FIJI. UNL students were quick to act against the college and spread the information around social media to gain consideration. 

 The situation was quick to reach social media platforms by the following Wednesday thanks to the UNL students that made countless of posts and videos on TikTok and Instagram exposing what had happened at their college. 

 “I honestly saw it coming, UNL is known for their huge frat parties and this year isn’t the first, there have been allegations as such,” Nayzeth Macias, UNO freshmen college student, said. 

 In years past there have been multiple other allegations about that same Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity which even lead them to be shut down from May 2017 till May of 2020. 

 “There was an accusation of rape and they are trying to cover it up so that their campus doesn’t have a bad reputation,” Aracely Lopez, Omaha South High student, said.  

 There had been a party at campus that same night of the assault but once people found out about the crime, students held a protest for the young girl, including other victims, where they repeated the phrases; “What do we want? Justice! If we don’t get it, what do we do? Shut it down!” 

 “It is important to hold the students accountable for these heinous acts and if protests will allow that to happen then so be it,” Dayanara Nambo, Omaha North High School student, said. 

 After the report of the sexual assault FIJI was suspended once again but many people didn’t think that was enough hence the protest and the fact that they had been suspended not even a short while ago. 

 “The fraternity suspension should’ve just been an overall expulsion especially after some of the frat’s “brothers” were laughing and mocking the protesters,” Macias said. 

 Max Helm, student at UNL and a part of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, was the accused who committed the sexual assault yet, he wasn’t convicted. The young girl was left out on the lawn bleeding, bruised and crying for help.  

 “The suspension was like a slap on the wrist compared to what the victim went through. He should serve time for what he did,” Lopez said. 

 Following the protests the story went viral on social media and the chain of information went on and continued to get to others on the internet. There were many opinions and most was backlash towards the fraternity and University of Nebraska-Lincoln because of the little action that they were taking. 

 “I am in utter disgust not only with the fraternity but also the school board for trying to sweep it under the rug,” Nambo said. 

 The fraternity’s sexual harassment history was known about way before this happened but now even more people around the United States know about it.  

 “I think that the fact that the same frat has a history of sexual harassment should not be taken lightly because they obviously have problems with not being able to control themselves,” Lopez said. 

 It is unclear what or if the University of Nebraska-Lincoln plans to do anything to change the way their university is being viewed as now as of recently. Opinions from every which way are flowing through social media and once something is out there it will never be completely deleted. 

 “There isn’t much UNL can really do about a guy or even sometimes a woman who chooses to. But for starters, UNO made us go through a course of what to do when this happens to us or others and how to prevent sexual assault. UNL should also partake in this course,” Macias said. 

 Not only are students from University of Nebraska-Lincoln being affected by the situation, so are other nearby university students like Nayzeth Macias who just started her freshman year at the University of Nebraska Omaha. 

 “As a student that is new to college all I can think about is that could’ve been me or even someone I know. What happened to that girl is horrible and the accused is having their time of their lives in Mexico… that’s so wrong,” Macias said. 

 Others who have grown concerned about all these sexual and rape allegations at UNL have been high school students who have always considered the university as one of their top selections. 

 “As a student who is selecting colleges, I want a college that cares about me and will take care of me as a feminine presenting person I feel in all that they let this go on for so long,” Nambo said. 

 “It makes me sad because one of my top two choices for college was UNL, but they obviously care more about the reputation they have than for their students. It makes me feel unsafe,” Lopez said. 

 The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is yet to once again address their situation. Individuals on social media say the only reason they came out to speak on the subject was because they were caught fire after the crime occurred. Therefore, people are starting to agree with each other that the fraternity should completely shut down for good. 

 “At this point they have over 13 accusations and the campus is still marked as a “safe place”. I believe that the school should pay more attention at what happened in their campus and start that by shutting down FIJI,” Macias said.  


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Photo Gallery: Varsity Football vs. Fremont Tue, 28 Sep 2021 16:20:32 +0000 See image gallery at] ]]> 0 Long live Drake Geiger Tue, 28 Sep 2021 15:11:53 +0000 Football is more than a game. For some it’s another family, and some it’s the only family they have. And on August 10th, 2021 South High lost a life.

Drake Geiger was a 16 year old football player at South High. Geiger was entering his junior year. At South Highs first football practice, Geiger went to get a drink of water and collapsed. He had only been practicing for 10 minutes, but the heat index that day was 106 – 108 degrees.

Geiger was 6-foot-3 and 389 pounds. Scott Hoffman, Drakes father said, “Drake was a big kid, but he was a healthy big kid. He didn’t have any medical conditions and he had never been to the hospital.”

“Our football team is a brotherhood,” said Daniel Espinoza. Daniel Espinoza is a junior at South high, and was Geiger’s teammate. Espinoza had only met Geiger that day and he still considered him as a brother.

When Espinoza was asked how the loss of a brother affected their brotherhood his response was, “Losing a brother hit us hard. Especially coming off of a 2 year span with no football because of COVID, but in a way I would say drakes death brought the team closer together.”

After Geiger’s passing teammates and coaches attended his viewing and funeral as a request of the family.

James Patterson, South Highs football coach said, “ Everyone handles a loss different. Some bottle up their emotions and don’t let others in, and some let it all out.”

Patterson cares about all of his athletes and wants the best for all of them. He looks at each and every one of his athletes as a son.

“It still affects me to this day. I never want to bury an athlete of mine. That’s not how life should be. I want to grow old, and be able to watch my athletes start their careers, start their families, go to their weddings, their children’s birthday parties,” said Patterson.

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Opportunities in Educators Rising Tue, 28 Sep 2021 15:10:37 +0000 Do you plan to work with kids or being a teacher in the future? If so, Omaha South High offers Educators Rising to any students. This year their goal as a program strives to volunteer more around the community and promote more school spirit at South.

Educators Rising is a nationwide organization that helps any student that would want to pursue any career that requires being around children. The advisors at South are Sam Bojanski and Samantha Koehler. They will assist their students to find events and connections that will help you succeed in the future.

Evelyn Leones, senior at South High, began attending Educators Rising meetings in her first year. She was not really involved up until her sophomore year. She currently holds the role as State Vice President of Communications. As State Vice President of Communications, she is required to take care of their social media page and post stuff that is up to date. For her to get this role, she had to submit a video answering questions, give a speech to the advisor and submit a typical application.

“Covid hit us pretty hard so we would like to expand since our numbers got very low,” said Leones.

They plan to bring back one of their most popular events this year. Nightmare on L St was a big hit year of 2019 right before covid struck.

At this event in the past, Educators Rising passed out candies to their community, had a haunted house for people to attend, and there were many clubs and organizations that showed up. This gave everyone that visited an opportunity to see what is in our South Omaha community.

Leones feels that her social and communication skills have improved since she began to attend Educators Rising. Leones gets put into many situations where she is forced to speak to unknown crowds which pushes her to become better. It encourages students to get involved and do the same.

“It’s okay to be uncomfortable,” Leones said.

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